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tv   [untitled]    March 17, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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institute which would replace the temporary campus has not happened yet but it's imperative that there be a place for these students in their neighborhood and make sure there's a quick timeline that we return to 750 eddie and we're getting that building ready and so those students are able to return to their home. i really want to just take a moment to thank the supervisors. all of you have been involved in being vigilant for city college of san francisco. we ask for your continued vigilance and leadership as we hold the whole community to make sure city college is here for all of our students for another 80 years. thank you >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm with the community housing leadership. i believe the closing of this
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college is preparation was not -- i just know that it should be left open. if they're going to close it due to the earth quake retro, they should have another place for these students to go while that's happening. i'm just all for it to be open. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm /ro ma with the community housing partnership. i just want to remind everybody that some of the barriers that the folks face from the tender /hroeupbs. we have families that have children that need to find child care. we have immigrants that have to travel to other communities to go to different places and s r o residents most of the days are made up with doctor's appointments and other appointments. so it's not as simple as just saying oh, you
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can go across town to another campus. and i think we need to encourage people to have a quality education in one of our franchised communities. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> all right. hello, i'm marian. i need the light. this shows you a picture back in 1903. i'm sorry, i mean 2003. read the progress. and now today, we have ever greens. so that's 15 years. and this shows us the talented 25 and what they're going to do for us. i want to thank you all
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for being here on saint patrick's day because the reason i'm here and dressed like this is the greatest irish man who took us to the millennium marijuana and that's why they have it in multiple states, it came out of here. that's not martin luther's king's face, but it's still civil rights. he said aids was never a problem as much as racism. his biggest fight was racism. we know our police and fire men, san francisco, we're tracking and something is going on. the things we know should not be going on, dealing with people's sexualities, we're not dealing with it in the right way. we expect the city, the
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mayor and the police to stand up to san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, very much. next speaker, please. >> thank you. tom berkley. why do we educate? why do we educate? to learn. and to learn is something we do, hopefully, all of our lives. and with respect to a woman's month, history month, i'm going to kind of go back a little bit and say for probably the last time about the books that i've read, the one that's called dr. mary's monkey. overhead, please. can we close that up at all?
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>> i don't think so. sfgtv, could you zoom in, please? thank you. >> it kind of goes away.back up a little bit guys. hello. anyway, dr. mary's monkeys. it's a story about a woman who ran laboratories for cancer in new orleans in the late 50's and 60's, world renown mysterious death. she hires a gal, /kraouts a gal who is like our intel scholar winner from last week. this young gal could keep cancer alive the longest of anyone in the country. that girl turns out to be lee. they're both very
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talented women and both good stories. the next one as i mentioned the warning, if you can pick this up, see how one loan woman plays gary trooper. we are losing. the country is losing. and we are still losing. thank you >> are there any public members that want to provide comments at this time? seeing none, public close. >> items 9 through 22 comprised of the calendar may be enacted by a single roll call vote unless a member obtains. it can be removed and considered separately. >> supervisor christensen. >> i would like to pull out
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the city college item. >> 30? >> yes. >> >> madam clerk, can you please call the roll for 31 and 32? >> mar. >> yea. >> tang. >> yea. >> yee. >> yea. >> avalos. >> yea. >> breed. >> yea. >> campos. >> yea. >> christensen. >> yea. >> cohen. >> yea. >> farrell. >> yea. >> kim. >> yea. >> kim yea. there are ten yeas. >> okay. those items passed unanimously. madam clerk, can we go back to item 29. >> item 29 is a resolution to declare. it is the intention of the board of supervisors to work with other cities to sell these at risk loans to qualify non-profits that have the funding and infrastructure to purchase and structure and
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withhold the property and help /kwaoep struggling home owners in their homes. >> supervisors avalos. >> thank you supervisor breed. the seatbelt southeast part of san francisco, there are millions of distressed mortgages, of course, not millions in our part of san francisco but many thousands. there's been a plan in place to assure there can be greater local control and support from nonprofit organizations to help households struggling with their mortgages. right now, there are many banks who own these distressed struggling mortgages. often, they sell these mortgages on wall street taken over by hedge funds which don't have the intent of helping home owners. they have the intent of making money off of distressed mortgages. we negotiate these mortgages to be sold to the community
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development financial institutions, nonprofit organizations. they have the goal of not making money, but helping households struggling with their mortgages to stay in their homes, keep their property and maintain their wealth in their communities. that's what it was about. when we found there was major banks across the country that got bailed out of $800 million. with that bail out, they did not translate that money into raising and supporting local economies and families with for /khroersz. they took that money and was very stingy about helping households modify their loans. we're trying to see if there's other cities around the country that are able to get the banks to help the members to keep their homes, that need to be able to thrive in our cities, maintain their property
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and their homes and what little wealth they can have in their homes. so colleagues, i hope you support on this measure. some of you have already indicated that you will do so. we hope to actually move this forward with other cities around the country. already, the cities of richmond california, newark, /tphupblgz are already on board. we need to write a letter to the housing /tkwopt department to get the f h a director to encourage fanny may and fanny mac to not sell the distressed mortgages to wall street but to the institutions as well. if that one effort is done, we can
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make sure that many households can thrive and not lose their property to wall street speculators. it makes sense that we use or bail out that the federal government has done for these banks years ago in ways to actually support the working people here in san francisco and across the country. colleagues, i hope to have your support. thank you. >> thank you. /khraoebgs, can we take this item, same house, same call? without objections, it is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, can you please call item 30. >> item 30 is a resolution to urge the administration of city college of san francisco to present the campus at 750 eddie street in the classrooms for all classes that have been displayed by the student and to pursue higher education. >> supervisors christensen. >> i'll try to be brief. i
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just wanted to thank supervisor kim for bringing this matter to our attention and for me to be a cosponsor to it which i'm happy to do. i looked further into the matter and i think it is stressing. we talked about how important it is and the effort to draw the need to save it. this situation is distressing all, not only because of the abrupt closing but there was before knowledge of this happening but not much action to mend it and litigate it with no notice to the students. as two of the students mentioned, there is an effort on the way to provide a temporary location but if there's something we can do as supervisors on the board to encourage a more permanent solution, we should do it. another supervisors stated there's a significant amount of money at risk if the building is not opened in 3 years. it
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seems like a plan should be in place now to keep that building open and that funding secure. thank you supervisor kim and i'm happy to add my boost to this effort. >> thank you. supervisor kim. >> thank you. i did speak about this last week and i think supervisor christensen summarized what is going on really well in the campus in the tender loin neighborhood and how distressing this was for so many of our residents that depend on this campus to be able to take english as a second language class and other skill set training classes that go hand and hand and their employist here in the city. i just wanted to recognize some supervisors who will be cosponsoring and i wanted to recognize them. i want to thank supervisor mar and campos but also supervisors yee, christensen and avalos who want to add their names to the
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cosponsor. it's really nice to have broad support for this resolution. >> thank you. supervisor mar. >> i just wanted to say thank you to supervisor campos and kim and others but essentially to the central city coalition for public education for creating an education campaign around this so that not just the city college students but the families and everybody that city college /pweftsz not on old in the tender loin area but everyone around the community that this is important to. so the hearing is in 3 weeks and hopefully that's enough time to hear in many ways what will happen to 750 eddie and the timeline and the other demands of the /koelgsz. so i just thank the people for testifying today and my colleagues for supporting this today as well. >> thank you. supervisor yee. >> yeah. just a quick word.
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thanks to supervisor kim for presenting this resolution to us. there's several campuses spread out throughout san francisco and if this had happened in any of the other campuses -- well, first of all, this wouldn't have happened. it's outrageous. there was no notice to students or teachers. it was just a sign posted and people showed up and said oh my god, there's nothing here. there was nothing done and i continue to support the people in san francisco. so i urge everybody to strongly support this resolution. >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, can we take this item same house, same call? with no objection, this resolution passes naply.
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can you please read the imperative agenda item. >> offered by supervisor farrell, a resolution declaring march 25, 2015 in the county of san francisco. >> okay. colleagues, we have an imperative item which requires the board to adopt two separate finding by 2/3 votes of the finding itself. so let's take the findings either purely commendtory which is my understanding from supervisor mar, this is commendtory and also the need to take action came to the board after the agenda was posted. so supervisor farrell, would you like that we move forward with those two particular findings? >> i would like to make that motion. >> moved by farrell, seconded
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by supervisor tang. without objection, we can move forward unanimously. on the substance of the under lying o-item, can we take it without objection? without objections, it is adopted unanimously. are there any other items before us today? >> i have two memoriams by supervisor mar for mr. alfred yee and behalf of supervisor campos on the late /sha hiby. >> madam clerk, is there anymore business before us today? >> that is all for the business for today. >> okay. thank you madam clerk. everyone, we are adjourned.
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we are celebrating the glorious grand opening of the chinese rec center. ♪ 1951, 60 years ago our first kids began to play in the chinese wrecks center -- rec center. >> i was 10 years old at the time. i spent just about my whole life here. >> i came here to learn dancing. by we came -- >> we had a good time. made a lot of friends here.
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crisises part of the 2008 clean neighborhood park fund, and this is so important to our families. for many people who live in chinatown, this is their backyard. this is where many people come to congregate, and we are so happy to be able to deliver this project on time and under budget. >> a reason we all agreed to name this memorex center is because it is part of the history of i hear -- to name this rec center is because it is part of the history of san francisco. >> they took off from logan airport and the call of duty was to alert american airlines that her plane was hijacked, and she stayed on the phone prior to the crash into the no. 9 world
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trade center. >> i would like to claim today the center and the naming of ait. [applause] >> kmer i actually challenged me to a little bit of a ping pong -- the mayor actually challenge me to a little bit of a ping- pong so i accept your challenge. ♪ >> it is an amazing spot. it is a state of the art center. >> is beautiful. quarksrights i would like to come here and join them
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>> bonnie banks. bonnie banks. my definition of noise is uncontrolled music. without format. pretty simple affair. pancakes, and you're -- people get up on sundays around noon, weekends or whatever. should not be too hard to walk into place. have your audio alarm clock go off for two hours waking your up while you are eating breakfast with many interesting visuals once in a while. improvisation. listening or not to the person you're playing up against or people or machines.
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trying to get as many different people in as possible. different genres experimental noise electronics, dissonance some drums.a tiny bit of ambient -- the first noise pancake shows, 1999 the first waffle noise, 2001. god-waffle noise noise pancake came out of cubist art, place on mission street, brutallo where the church -- opened up
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his house and saturday morning cartoons. a big space. you can have everybody set up and barely move equipment around; small room for an audience to move around, walkover and get pancakes without getting burned up in the kitchen. there's like people in their hard-core gabber; people into really fast death metal; black metal. people who don't listen to music at all. guy like larnie bock (sounds like) set up huge, motor driven harp. i don't know how to explain it.
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40 foot of motors that he had running over strings and wires. and then played each string individually with the mixer. there is a feeling of euphoria when somebody's really good at what they do. experiencing a buffer, pushing your bowels out your rear. different. a lot of noise. you don't play clubs with a cleaning schedule, a guy coming in the morning emptying the beer bottles. you play the warehouse. if you travel around you will see the exact same kind of weirdos doing their own thing. it is like in the bay area
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it's even more absurd. there seems to be more people that in a place like new york or tokyo. we did a show in new york, i didn't think that anyone was at hardly, and people come up and said i saw the show. i wish they had some kind of breakfast noise going on over there. i think a lot of people were being, walking out of the shows. that was incredible. i can't believe it's over already, after two hours. if you are reluctant to enjoy something like this it will probably take a mass of peers to sell you on it. it's fine if you stay away. most of the people
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that come to the shows are pretty happy to be here. you may not be one of them. which is fine.
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